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Welcome! We’re glad you’re interested in learning more about Boat People SOS (BPSOS).

We are a national Vietnamese-American community-based organization with 28 years of service in a multitude of fields. For details of our mission and accomplishments, please click on the links below.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, click Contact Us to get in touch. We’d like to help you find everything you need!

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You have reached a beta version of BPSOS’ home site. As of the month of January, 2009, information presented here is a work in progress. All images and text presented here are for educational purposes only. This bilingual site was created by Jon Pattee on the WordPress platform by extensive hand-coding of the theme Fjords by Peterandrej.


  dung tran wrote @

Kinh chao Quy vi !
Cam on da co chuong trinh gop y .Hom nay toi mao mui viet vai hang kinh trinh xem Quy vi co giai phap nao tiep tuc cho chuong trinh tai dinh cu thuyen nhan hoi huong ve viet nam .That ra ma noi , toi dung la so khong may man .Toi di vuot bien va duoc ham doi 7 vot vao nam 1989 .Sau do bi goi vao trai ty nan Thailand .Vi suy nghi chu quan duoc tau Hoaky vot nen khong chuan bi cho cuoc thanh locva bi screened-out .Hoi huong ve VN nam 1994 va co lam don tai dinh cu nuoc uc nhung tre han va sau do lam chuong trinh R.O.V.R thi khong nam trong han dinh .Toi luon ao uoc duoc nhung chuong trinh giup do tu Cong dong nguoi viet o hai ngoai van dong co them chuong trinh tai dinh cu nguoi viet bi hoi huong tro ve .Thanh that cam on .Rat mong duoc su giup do.
Chao than ai ..

  Livier Toscano wrote @

Hi! My name is Livier Toscano, I would like to know if you have affiliate in the area of Sacramento, California, So I would like to know the address.
Thank You
Livier Toscano

  BPSOS wrote @

Dear Friend,

BPSOS does not have an office in or around Sacramento. We do have an office in Orange County. You can reach branch manager TIffany Nguyen at 714.775.2214. Thank you for your interest in our work.

Best regards,

  Peter Huynh wrote @

Hello! My friend.
My name is Peter Huynh, 5928 NE alberta sT. Portland, OR 97218.I have bêen America since 1993 as an HO.
I have an underling HOANG BA HO he is second Lieutenant in Ranger Battalion 89 it was my Battalion Commander. Ho applies forHumanitation Resettlement Section and in August 8, 2008 He have had the 2nd interview by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Resettlement Services (USCIS) officer but He is not eligible for Resettlement. He fail by the reason such I think was not fair may be He was doubted by interview officer because his application was tơo late. He call me to help him but I don’t know what I can do anythings for him? so! I would like you can show me how to do or you can to let me know someone can help. If you or someone consider I will send you all Ho’s documents. Thank you !

  Carol Boling wrote @

We service serveral Asian cliets at our center. I would like to be able to give them a number they could call to get information that may help with the different situations that may occur.

  BPSOS wrote @

Dear Carol Boling,

Please refer to our contact page by clicking on the green “Branches” button located in the second column of the home page.

Best regards,

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